48 Hour Games (2012-13)

Co-produced by Nordlys Film and produced by Minerva Filmchoice

Duration:50-75 minutes

Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark

Interactive choose-your-own-adventure documentary following creative processes

of teams creating video games in just 48 hours during the Nordic Game Jam. Read more >>


Turf War in No Man’s Land (2009) 

Produced by Nordlys FilmTurf War in No Man's Land (2009)

Duration: 67 min.

Filmed in the Arctic Ocean around The North Pole

A Danish science expedition sets out to claim new frontiers, namely the

seabed north of Greenland in the name of science. Read more >>


Love and Broken Glass (2006)

Original titel: Kærlighed og Smadret Glass”

Love and Broken Glass

produced by Nordlys Film

Duration 35 min

Filmed in Kyrgyzstan

About a young girls hope for love and an old woman’s shattered dreams, in a culture where

young girls of poor families are frequently kidnapped and married to strangers. Read more >>